In-Ear Monitors

sensaphonic-2x-sThe most important thing for performing musicians during a show is to hear themselves and/or their instrument. Many artists find that the best way to achieve this is with in-ear monitors.There is no single “best” in ear monitor (IEM) that is perfect for everyone. It is a personal choice, based on sound preference, budget, comfort, aesthetics, and practical performance requirements. Having worked with hundreds of top touring artists, as well as local working bands, Musician’s Hearing Services can recommend the manufacturer and IEM configuration that will work best for you.






3D Active Ambient Custom IEM3daaro-bkgnd-300x300

We provide the latest technology, including the Sensaphonics 3D AARO (Active Ambient Record Out) . The 3D Active Ambient IEM system combines the benefits of in-ear and open ear monitoring, allowing musicians to hear exactly what they want.

With the 3D Active Ambient system,  performers can interact with the audience between songs without removing one of their earphones; and while playing, they can combine a selectable level of on-stage ambient sound with their monitor mix to achieve a genuine three dimensional monitoring experience.



Customize your Shure or Etymotic Earphones


Custom, soft gel silicone sleeve molds provide a secure fit and long-wearing comfort, and can improve performance by providing a tighter seal and greater isolation than generic tips. Available in half shell and full shell versions, sleeves are the next best thing to custom earphones.