COMMUNICATION/BROADCASTING: Interruptible Foldback Earpieces (IFBs)


321_webWhile traditional acrylic IFB molds are recommended for use in the studio, our preferred IFB solution for broadcasting and radio communication in loud environments is the Sensaphonics ProPhonic 321.

Unlike traditional IFBs, the custom-molded ProPhonic 321 places a micro-transducer directly within the ear canal, providing 26 dB of isolation from external sounds, yielding high intelligibility and low distortion. Communication can be heard and understood in even the noisiest environments -without raising the volume.

Cosmetically, the miniature design of the ProPhonic 321 disappears in the ear. It connects to the IFB monitor system via a barely visible teflon-coated wire, securely embedded in the earphone. Because it is custom made in a soft gel silicone material, it is incredibly comfortable, even during prolonged use. The ProPhonic 321 is available in binaural (dual earphones) and monaural (single ear) designs.